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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  December 27, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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look forward to that as we celebrate 30 years, i mean, new year's eve, 2012. thank yous for watching everybody, here is trace. >>trace: thank you, the news begins anew. this is "studio b," with police release 9-1-1 calls connected to the christmas day house fire that killed a mother, three young daughters and her parents. the cries for help and the cause of the fire. most americans now have less money than they did two decades ago. but the poorly rated lawmakers we pay with our tax dollars have gotten much richer. we will take a look at the wealth gap. and, a former assistant to lady gaga suing her over claims she was overworked and underpaid. our legal panel is on the case. that's all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b."
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but, first from fox at 3:00, counting down to the first presidential contest in the nation, iowa republicans set to pick their candidates for exactly one week from today. the g.o.p. candidates crisscrossing the state to get out their message to as many people as possible, a final push with the race up in the air. the latest numbers in iowa have ron paul and former massachusetts governor romney fighting for the lead and house speaker gingrich among the top contenders, and what happens in iowa could play a larger part in shaping the state by state primaries and caucuses over the coming weeks and months. races which will ultimately determine who goes up against president obama in the general election. and now, live in des moines, today, speaker gingrich slammed governor romney today. is he now going negative?
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>>carl: he will argue all he is doing is telling the truth and if it feels like hell to some he is saying that is because it's the truth. mr. gingrich today is launching his first and only bus tour of the iowa caucus campaign, hitting 22 cities in the next couple of days, all seven left before the iowa caucuses. romney will launch a bus tour and ron paul campaigns tomorrow. gingrich promised to run a "relentlessly positive campaign," took on mr. romney aggressively as a counter apart, really, to romney's assertion that gingrich is untrustworthy conservative leader. >> to have someone who is a massachusetts governor who said he did not want to go back to the reagan bush years and voted a democrat for paul tsongas in
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1982, who campaigned for teddy kennedy, and to have him run a commercial that questions my conservatism? i mean, i've been a conservative my entire life. >>carl: he has taken positions for being at odds of conservatives, and romney has been accused of changing a host of positions most which he admits from a transition of a governor of liberal massachusetts to running a republican conservative campaign in 2008. the battle is on. the question of whether it is negative, it almost seems moot. the candidates are engaging toe to toe and we are seven daze away from the first caucus and it could be a three way car crash between romney, gingrich, and perhaps ron paul who is actually leading in many polls. >>trace: we have seen this lead shift a number of times. what are polls saying right now? >>carl: ron paul has a slight lead in the popular opinion
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polls but most of them frankly have been taken since before christmas. we don't have new any polls the last few days and it is a moot point. romney does have an organization here. heat has been polling in the low-to-mid 20's for the last several months. this is his second run in iowa. he ran in 2008 as did ron paul surging in the polls, and the two look like they are battling for first but the truth is iowa is known for its surprises and last minute decisions. the town out is expected to be between 120,000 and 150,000 and most of the surveys and folk on the street tell you about what them have not made up their minds. we have talked to countless iowans and up to today the majority of voters say they have not made up their mind. that is why it is so fascinating. it is very few caucus goer but they are incredibly demanding and insist on hearing from the candidates over and over and over. >>trace: campaign carl cameron from des moines. thank you.
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as congressman ron paul moves up in the polls he is taking hits on his political record. according to "the washington post" analysis he sponsored 620 bills during the decade long time in the house but only one of four became law. his campaign playing defense over racially and politically charged comments in newsletters published under his name as far back as the 1980's. and now bringing in republican strategist, former member of president george bush's senior staff and commentaries have appeared in usa news and world report and "politico". so, ron paul has sponsored a whole budge of legislation over his career but almost nothing has passed what does that tell you? >>guest: it tells me he is more of a good fly, and he doesn't work well with others even in his own party which is a must if you are going to be president of the united states. you have to work with your party
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and reach across the aisle. he certainly doesn't have that record as a long-term serving congressman. in fact, trace, his fellow congress people call him a loaner. and kind of aloof. that's not attributes you expect for president of the united states. >>trace: but those who support him say, wait, this is a badge of honor. he doesn't want to go in there and pass a bunch of laws. he is pushing for less government the last thing he wants is more regulation, right, and more laws so if they don't get passed, that is a victory. >>guest: well, i would disagree. ic it takes three to tango in washington, the house, the senate, and the presidency. if you are the president you have to, in order to get bills passed and move this country ahead you have to be able to meet and work and compromise with the other party and also bring your party together. and he certainly does not have a record like that as a congressman. he is more of an outsider and an outsider is not going to be able
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to move this country ahead. >>trace: what do you make of the news ledders -- the newsletters that ron paul wrote. how much damage does that do? >>guest: i think it will have lasting damage because he is notifiesing up to -- fessing up. the man who wants others accountable is distancing himself from his own accountability for the newsletters. remember, he was a doctor when he wrote them. and he was supposedly a hand's on newsletter opinion maker for others to read. and now he claims, well, he didn't write them and others wrote them and he didn't look at them. that is unacceptable. the american people want him to be accountable not only as a congressman but as a future president and a candidate for high office. you look at the polls and he is attracting a huge amount of antiwashington support. >>guest: no doubt. he is a lightning rod for those
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people who are disenfranchised with washington. it is more of a vote that is not going to be usable in the sense of selecting, in my opinion, the nominee nor the republican party. he probably will come in, either first or second in iowa but he does not have the organization to go beyond south carolina. so, his win, place, or show in iowa will continue to get him a place on the debate stage, but whether or not that is enough to carry him in the primaries remains to be seen. >>trace: and it start as week from tonight, thank you, brad, from washington, dc. we have a fox urgent and we have confirmed that nebraska senator ben nelson is set to retire from congress. a move that could affect the balance of power in washington. we're told that the two-term democrat could announce as early as today. let's get ride -- right to molly.
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>>reporter: it is a bit of a surprise but not entirely unexpected. two-term senator nelson hand think this sever and said he would decide overtime holidays. his kids wanted him to run again and his good friend in the senate, democratic senator schumer urged him to run again and we know that senator nelson had more than $3 million in the campaign coffers. but he is getting out. a couple of reasons: he was in for a possible re-election fight in his red home state of nebraska. and he often is in the midst of a tough fight consummate moderate democrat voting with republicans sometimes, which ticks off the democratic leadership. but he also is considered to be the key vote with democrats to pass president obama's health care law, which ticked off republicans. so, he is often in the middle and perhaps he wanted out. and there is some talk that nelson's predecessor, the senator before him, senator bob kerrey would possibly run for the seat again.
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>>trace: what does this mean for democrats in the senate? >>reporter: it is so close in the senate between democrats and republicans that any pickup of one side or the sorry a big deal and this seat could be an easier pick up for republicans since nebraska is such a red state. senator nelson is the sixth democratic senator to announce he is not running in 2012 and most of those who have announce are from blue leaning states and independent senator joe lieberman from connecticut who caucuses with the democrats and two republicans have said they will not run again. were trace? >>trace: thank you, molly, from washington. thank you. bliss say a man admitted to killing the nine-year-old girl he was supposed to be babysitting. what he told them about this girl's murder is absolutely chilling. the details and the next step in this case is next. also, "wall street journal" -- wall street traders expect
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>>trace: a nine-year-old girl's babysitter has confessed to hitting her several times in the head with a brick and chopping her apart with a hacksaw. today he went before a judge for a hearing into the little girl's death. the cops found the remains last night four days after her reported disappearance from a mobile home park in indiana. and not long after the suspect told them where to look, she and her sisters hand -- had been living with him a week. a relative said the babysitter was "a trusted family friend." >> i don't believe he was capable of hurting a child even an animal. he is not that kind of individual. >>trace: documents show
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according to police he killed her five days ago, put her body in his freezer, and the next day chopped it up into small parts which he stuffed into bags and hid in several places. david lee miller is live in new york city. how, exactly, did police found the body? >>reporter: the authorities say that he confessed. they interviewed him three times, interviewed him, yesterday, for several hours and he told police what happened. he was in court today for an initial court appearance and now held without bail. the police introduced an affidavit that spelled out the gruesome details, and the affidavit said "during the interview the defendant freely admitted to killing her by striking her on the head multiple times with a brick while she was standing on the front step of the residence," and spells out gruesome details of how the body parts were stored in the freezer and others
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disposed of in a dumpster. one thing it does not say and i have read the document, it is less than two pages it does not say anything about a possible motive. police were asked and they said at this time they do not have a motive. >>trace: and what about the accused killer? what do we know about him? >>reporter: there is not a great deal of information. he has a criminal history. he has been convicted of battery and assault and trespassing. over the weekend he told a reporter, i'm not an angel but i don't hurt chin and i don't hurt animals and he lived in a trailer park next to her family, and according to a state website this are 15 convicted sex offenders at that same trailer park. he, though, was not one of them. cops talked to all 15 of the registered sex offenders and they say from the very beginning they suspected the defendant. there is no indication right now one way or the other whether this little girl was sexually
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abused, and one of the disturbing facts here is while he was allegedly killing and dismembering this little girl, he was also taking care of her two younger sisters. who knows what they may have seen. >>trace: a horrifying story. and now to our legal panel. we have former prosecutor and criminal defense attorney. steve, you look at this and we know, very well, this guy confessed and he is going to prison. my concern is the parents, you are a motor and you leave your three daughters in a trailer next store because you are ill and 15 sex offenders live in 42 trailers that sun believable. >>guest: this is exactly what the police are going to look into next. the issue is not whether she was killed, we know she was, and we know how she was killed and who did it. the question is, why was that child left there? we know that she had some
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issues, physical and emotional problems. we don't know what involvement, if any, the parents had. but what must be stressed if the parents everyone involved they will be held liable, and even if they were not involved that goes back to your initial question, why was she there to begin with, with that man, for one week, when she allegedly said she had the flu? she was not in the hospital. the mother had the flu. where was she? >>trace: but it is very likely this mother, the parents lived in the trailer park, didn't know there were 15 sex offenders livering around them, but, then, her father, who recently passed away, was a sex offenders, he was friends with this man and this man was a convictedded felon, so, steve, there are a lot of questions to be answered. >> a lot, but i don't really understand how the mother, how parents could not know that there are 15 registered sex
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offenders livering in the trailer community. something is not right l is more to this if you scratch the service. this is heinous allegation and this man is accused of committing a monstrous act. where is the motive? the confession, three times until he confessed? and why, why, why was this young girl left alone in this trailer with her two sisters? >>trace: three young girls. they questioned him three times if they had any idea he could be guilty he was taking care of two other girls. >>guest: it should point us to the positive part of this case, very hard to find, but look at the police effort in this case. they did an excellent job in breaking down the story. they knew who it had to be but they my that they didn't have the proof. and these cases can be very difficult to prove. with a confession they have the proof they need.
12:19 pm
we have to wonder and worry that maybe we have a psychologically balanced individual who is making a confession not based on what actually happened but something that he is created in his mine because of some kind of mental incapacity. but in this case we know it is absolutely not true because he said what he did with the body, he told them where the body was, and they went and found the body there. it is absolutely horrendous but hats off to the police. >>trace: you are right, it is horrendous, thank you, both, gentleman. how much money do your representatives in congress have? the odds are they have a lot more than you do. coming up, how lawmakers are getting ripper while -- richer while much of the rest of the country is left behind. [ male announcer ] if you're giving an amazing gift, shouldn't it be given in an amazing way?
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>>trace: preparations are underway for the funeral of the late "dear leader," kim chong-il in north korea. as we saw the people appear to be crying but it is tough to actually make out any tears. >> his body has been lying in state at a memorial palace which was once his father's workplace. the funeral is scheduled to begin at 8:00 eastern and we will have a live report from greg palkot in south korea tonight on the fox report. new details on the slaughter in syria, the embattled central city say the military have pulled out tanks as the team of
12:24 pm
observers arrived there to see if president assad is keeping promises to withdraw tanks and troops from the cities andry lease the political prisoners. amateur video shows body bags and pools of blood. at least 30 dies in clashes there yesterday. of course, we cannot independently confirm that because syria banned 14 journalists and independent reporting. the united nations reports since the uprising against president assad began back in march, the violence has killed more than 4,000 people. and now, to our middle east newsroom, are things getting any better on the streets in syria? >>reporter: it depends on what standard you use. the latest reports from syria say the government is now going back to tear gassing protesters rather than using open artillery shells against them so that, in a way, it is an improvement. the latest video shows the tanks being pulled out of that city
12:25 pm
which was a relief to the citizens there because early in the week the tanks were used to level entire neighborhoods as the tanks left, 70,000 people took to the street where this rebellion began. the people are certainly voicing their disgust with president assad and his tactics, and now they have not been able to protest for a long time because the tank would have opened fire on them. what we have not seen, in any way, is a hit in the armor of the regime. >>trace: what about the observers? can they actually do any good? >>reporter: a little bit in the sense that the tanks have left. but what they cannot do is stop the violence. they are unarmed. all they can do is report back on what they have seen. however, it does give us a little bit of an independent monitoring of what is going on in syria since they already
12:26 pm
kicked out the foreign downlives and do not allow independent reporting they can tell us what is happening on the backgrounds, and what is happening while they have been in the country 24 hours they are being besieged by residents who want to tell them the story of what happened to them and their families inside syria and when those stories start coming out it could have the ability to change world opinion. in will be 500 observers but the syrians are hedging their bets and saying they may kick out the observers in a in so we could be right back where we started with the violence we saw the past few weeks. trace? >>trace: thank you, leland in late night in jerusalem. a former producer of the reality tv show "survivor," will stand trial on murder charges in piced this man of killing his wife while they were in cancun, last year, on a family vacation, and stuffing her body into a sewer. last week, a los angeles judge ordered his extradition to mexico and says he will not
12:27 pm
challenge the ruling but he maintains his innocence. if convicted, the producer could face as many as 30 years in prison. >> poor sales holiday shopping season forcing major retail stores to close their doors. but, there is some good news. a look at the economy in this final week of 2011. and what bliss believe happened to this little girl, missing now, for more than a week. that is straight ahead.
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>>trace: the economic crisis has taken its toll on families across the country but not on members of congress. "the washington post" study shows members of the house of representatives say their net wealth skyrocket between 1984 and 2009. half of them now worth $725,000. or more. not including the value of their homes. compared to the rest of us, the median wealth of american families now at least $100 less than not mid-80's according to a similar study conducted by the university of michigan. it is unlikely this news will do much to help congress' approval rating at record low of 112.7 percent. with us now is a political analysts for a group that describes itself as nonpartisan, a washington, dc, think tank.
12:31 pm
congress is getting richer and we are getting poorer. >>guest: well, yes, this is probably one case where average americans actually are envious of members of congress and would love to be where they are. but, really it is a case of expensive campaigning because it is just too expensive for regular joes, the mr. smith's if you will, to go to washington with senate races can cost up to $10 million a pop, people who are independently wealthy are going to do better at the time and the money it takes to get there. >>trace: you are not saying they are gaming the system but saying they are electing richer people because you have to have money to get there. >>guest: absolutely and there has been some question and dispute about this, whether members of congress are somehow "gameing" the system. members once they are out can become lobbyists and speakers and do well after they leave congress and many have. but increasingly just to get into the club you have to have a
12:32 pm
lot of money to start. >>trace: and putting the numbers on the screen again, if i can, because it really is very striking. this is the average salary, the amount they are making more than the average guy: $700,000 and the american people, $20,000, they make almost 50 times, the network is almost 50 times what the average american family is. how do the millionaires related to the average joe? >>guest: there is a real question about that. remember back when george, the first george bush was running for president and he went to the supermarket and he does not know how to use the scanner, or romney using two hands on the gas, the people who are rich do look out of touch with regular americans. but it is not a case that rich people can always buy out an election occasionally money does not win. but, very often it does, and it is not like the members of congress can disregard what the state wednesday want all the time and buy them off but they always will have an advantage,
12:33 pm
at least, when they go into campaigns with lesser funded people: >>trace: i don't want to paint with a broad brush but this is not including their home equity, right, the congressional members' home equity which is a bunch of money, so, really, when you look at all this it is even higher towards members of congress? >>guest: that is right. if you look at what the average american has, their net worth, it is in home equity, that is another example pore -- potentially very different from how the average american could view this. but for people who maybe want to change this, it is difficult to see what could be done because campaign finance performance ha- reform has been tried and it is always more advantageous to be wety candidate and unless you vote for candidates on the basis of their wealth, it is hard to know how it will change because the people who could change it are in congress are rich.
12:34 pm
>>trace: money buy as lot 6 tv advertising. thank you. u.s. consumer confidence reaching an eight month high in december according to the industry group the conference board, and that could be a sign that people will start spending more. it comes after a disappointing holiday shopping season, so bad it forced and retailers out of business altogether. we are told between 100 and 120 sears and k-mart stores will shut down because of the poor showing. and more bad news: standard & poor's shows home prices in most major u.s. cities fell in october for the second straight month. the dow is up, not much, but it is up, and the markets mostly flat after a day of mixed news on the economy. and now gerri, it is kind of confusing, because they say, well, no, retail sales were good
12:35 pm
and now they say k-mart and sears are shutting their doors. >>guest: i think there is a sears and k-mart problem, that is what we are seeing, down 5.2 percent year offer year, the same stores that is the industry metric sears blaming the fact they had trouble selling electronics but the stores are out of date, old fashioned; not spending enough money to keep them up to snuff. so they spend in other places and over all sales could be up 3.8 percent and we are spending $460 billion over the holiday. that is not nothing. and i think a lot of analysts think that is a good showing. >>trace: what do you make of we are spending more but you look at the saving rate, and sit down, so we spend more and we have less. >>guest: this is a critical
12:36 pm
issue. how are you spending for the holiday? raiding the penny bank? putting it on plastic? we have seen the numbers of folks who are putting this stuff on plastic go up. that is not good news. we will have to pay the piper. this are several economists out there who believe the first quarter could be a little slow because consumers will just be in recovery mode. but, frankly, trace, i would love to see corporate america start the spending and the recovery now. they are sitting on billions and billions they could use to expand, to hire people to do other things. >>trace: well, i have to get your take on this home index because they are saying home prices are falling again, a huge hit for a lot of members. >>gerri: this is the number one investedment you have, so many have seen the value of their home plummet, they are underwater, and the numbers, i have to say it doesn't feel good to hear this during the holiday time. if you own a house you know how
12:37 pm
we feel. i guess, if i was to find a silver lining in that, it is that we are starting to see the foreclosure market loosen a little bit but we just got so far to go. trace? >>trace: i just mentioned the dow jones industrial average is up 15 points. does what happen this week set the phone for next year? for early next year? >>gerri: we have probably already made most of the moves we will make this year. 15 points does not a year make, you have to look at the long term track record, and we have a way to go. the suspect right now is up zero something for the year. volumes are typically low at this time. wall street traders at home and not trading, so it is unclear what the market message is. if you are waiting for santa claus rally, i don't know ... >>trace: my 401(k) is not up much, about same at the s&p.
12:38 pm
you can catch gerri on the fox business network. new details in the search for a missing toddler in maine, the police chief in waterville, says somebody likely took the 20-month-old girl from her daughter's home. she has been missing, now, for more than a week and this is the first time in the case cops have come out and said that she didn't just wonder away from her home on her own. her father, first reported her missing telling authorities his daughter disappeared from the bed. and rick has the news like from the new york city newsroom. we learned more from police. right? rick: they are not talking about possible suspects in the case but say they are very confident she did not leave her father's house on her own, in part because of the lay out of the home, the fact she just learned to walk, and, also, had one arm in a soft cast. she was reported missing by her
12:39 pm
father a week ago said. he put her to bed friday night and he checked on her and she was gone. he had house guests on friday night and investigators seized two vehicles from the driveway, one block to the father, and the other to a female friend. >> we believe that someone was involved in taking her out of the house and that's where the focus of this investigation has turned. rick: her mother lost custody the girl in october when she checked into rehab and she filed to regain custody the day before she disappeared. she has publicly blamed the father saying he should have kept a close are eye on toddler but both parents have been cooperative. >>trace: now they hope that this big reward gets them somewhere? rick: authorities say rewards have helps in other indicates and they have gotten 100 new leads isn't the -- since the $30,000 reward was offered, with
12:40 pm
searches working more than 5,000 hours on the case. >> i ask and i plead that the person or persons who have young ayla keep her safe and return her safely. rick: authorities will continue to search outside the microscope of national media attention. trace. >>trace: hard story, rick, live from new york, thank you. iranian officials are putting an american citizen on trial, calling him a "spy," and if they find him guilty it could cost him his life. an update on that next. ing a pat from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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>>trace: an american man went on trial in iran today accused of spying for the news agency ce iran ins arrested him this year and the prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. the man was born in arizona to an iranian family and joined the u.s. marines in 2001. his family denies all the allegations. and wendell has the news live from washington, dc. what is the administration saying about this? >>reporter: officials deny that he is a spy but the iranians have refused to release him and refuse to allow the swiss who look after u.s. interests in iran, to visit the
12:44 pm
man and check on his well-being. early this month they released the iranian video supposedly containing a confession by him in which he said he was fooled by u.s. intelligence services, the iranians say he was trying to infiltrate their intelligence agency by offering some real and bogus u.s. secrets. the family says he never had any intelligence training, never worked for the c.i.a., and experts think he might have been working for himself, arrested two weeks into a visit to iran to visit his two grandmothers, and he had iranian citizenship because his father was iranian, but, he, of course, was born in this country where his father lives now. trace? >>trace: and this is not the first time iran has accused an eastern of espionage. >>reporter: it could be the result of the pressure the united states is putting on iran over the nuclear programs because some of the accused spies are hard to see as agents and at least one person may not
12:45 pm
be in the custody of iran's government and may not be in iran at all. this month, two were freed after iran was paid what it called a million dollar bail but it looked like ransom, and earlier sarah was freed, for another half million, and the three arrested on the borders with iraq where they said they were hiking and this month, the family of former f.b.i. agent who has been missing since 2007 released a video ling for help, many, to not most u.s. officials thought he was dead, the state department still is not sure if the iranian government is holding him and some fear it is a kidnapping for ransom and there is a thought he could be held right now in pakistan. trace? >>trace: thank you, like, from washington, dc, wendell. an al qaeda front group in iraq claiming responsibility for more than a dozen explosions across baghdad last week which killed nearly 70 people. the group which calls itself the
12:46 pm
islamic state of iraq said in a posting online it coordinated the bombings in mostly shiite neighborhoods to support imprisoned members of the sunni minority. the attacks were the deadliest in iraq in four months and there is a growing power struggle in iraq since the last u.s. combat troops left the country. the shiite prime minister called for the arrest of the sunni vice president days before the bombings. >> new details on the deadly christmas day fire that killed three kids and their grandparents. a new york advertising executive and her male acquaintance escaped the fire at her home. but her parents who were visiting for the holidays and her three young daughters, seven-year-old twins and a den-year-old did not make it out. yesterday, crews tore down the damaged $1.7 million victorian house after the city's building d said it was unsafe.
12:47 pm
the mayor is speaking out about the possible cause of the deadly fire. and now, the news from the new york city newsroom. what are we learning? rick: well, the official fire report is due today but the mayor is saying problems with the family's fireplace started the deadly flames. 9-1-1 was called and police and firefighters were able to get into the house christmas morning but the flames were so intense they were not able to save the victims. the mayor said that many of the first responders broke down in tears as the scene counseling is being offered to them now. here is audio of a 9-1-1 call placed by a neighbor who saw the flames and called right away. >> a huge fire. the house next door, the whole house is on fire. we are at 2241, and it is house next door. >> the two who got out, the
12:48 pm
mother and her acquaintance, she was treated and the other man is thought to still be in the hospital but we have yet to hear but you can only imagine the grief of the mother who lost so much. >>trace: tell us more about the grandfather, a sad deficit to this tragic story. >>guest: he spent his entire career ironically as a safety and security chief for a big security, big liquor company, in kentucky, and he planned fire drills, and made sure that everyone at the company knew what to do in case of an emergency, and his former colleagues remember hip as someone who was always concerned with the safety of everyone else and this past year we showed you the picture of him dressed as santa and he worked as a department store santa at sak's in new york city. tragic story all around, trace. >>trace: thank you. lady gaga's former assistant
12:49 pm
said the pop star, worked her to the bone and failed to fork over six figures in overtime pay. now the assistant as you could imagine is suing. we take this to our legal panel.
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>>trace: lady gaga's former assistant is suing her for back pay and unspecified damages. she claims the star didn't pay her for overtime work and owes her hundreds of thousands for 13 months as her right hand woman on her monster ball world tour. according to the documents she claims she had no breaks for meals or at times even for sleep. and she had to be on hand for anything the singer needed at any time. the spokesman said the suit is
12:53 pm
completely without merit. and now to our legal panel, former prosecutor and criminal against attorney. surprise, surprise, now the richest celebrity and her former assistant wants what? money! >>guest: ridiculous. this is a poster child for ridiculous lawsuits. lady gaga walked into the trap by having her employed but brought her cheese, she is working for lady gaga, you are a firefighter you run into building burnings, you work for lady gaga you get her a towel and that is what you specific. millions are without jobs and they are come blaineing how she trited her other bringing a lawsuit about the job, i don't think there is any merit and i don't think it will survive. >>trace: if you are in the lawsuit, it sounds like this personal assistant went through misery saying lady gaga demanded services on her private jet, on
12:54 pm
her upper west side apartment, yachts, hotels, i mean, this is misery, right, come on, this is what you do. right? >>guest: especially when you have a celebrity like lady gaga, you have to expect you are get into some deep territory you may not be comfortable with but the question is not how were she was treated, so you can make an argument there, just because you are employed by someone doesn't mean you can be mistreated but the fact she is indicating that she had worked 7,168 overtime hours in the span of 13 months. now, no one can simply just blow that off and say, well, this is just a money hungry employee looking for a payday from lady gaga. the question is, what does the contract say? because if the control says she we is supposed to get paid for overtime, and there is over 7,000 hours that are unpaid, this is a lawsuit with merit.
12:55 pm
>>trace: have you done the math? that means she was on the clock almost continually for 13 months, so, look, i can't buy that. i have to ask you, if you are lady gaga's attorney, are you saying, let's settle this or fight it? >>guest: i don't think lady gaga ever saw press or attention she doesn't like. you work for lady gaga, you have a poker face. who works 7,000 plus hours and complains they are not getting paid? this, again, doesn't make sense, and this is nothing more than, nothing less, than about money, and extortion. we will see if the lawsuit has any merit. >>guest: of course it is about money and who wouldn't complain if you are working 7,000 hour over time and are not getting paid. >>guest: steve, steve, steve ... if you can't take the heat stay out the kitchen. she is, withing for lady gaga. >>guest: but you get paid for your work. this is no way around that.
12:56 pm
if she is not getting paid you or anyone else can make an argument that she should not be getting a check. 7,000 hours does add up. >>trace: gentleman, got to go. thank you both, gentleman, great debate. lady gaga goes on and on. one country just cannot wait for this weekend. so, it is skipping friday. skipping the whole day.
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
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>>trace: and a pacific island nation wants to skip the day on friday putting the country in the same time zone as australia and new zealand which is 20 miles east of the international dateline which designates where each day begins, they will make the decision to move the nation to the other side of the date lane, or more accurately, move the line east of the island. we are told that not everyone in the tourism industry is thrilled about the change. samoa will lose the distinction as the last place on either to see a sun set and mark the new year. if you keeping tabs on the corner of wall and broad, it is flat, and it is almost dead flat for the day. in fact, flat for the year so the 401(k) did not make a penny but it does not lose a penny, either, keep that in mind.


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